The Derry Public Library offers its patrons access to online genealogy databases such as HeritageQuest and, but we also have wonderful print resources available for all levels of research.

Family genealogies: Check our catalog for your ancestor’s last name + “family.” For example, “Lane family” or “Chase family” will bring up family genealogies about the Lanes and Chases. When available, those books are available with the help of a librarian in the New Hampshire Room. See the image that accompanies this post for examples of what those books and binders look like.

Forest Hill Cemetery resources: Looking for maps? Lists of those interred? A directory or guide? We can help! We have numerous resources to point you in the right direction, including a giant map, binders full of names, and we’re working on a comprehensive index (not ready yet!). Tip: if the person you are searching for is listed in our Obituary Index, the “notes” section will let you know if that person was buried at Forest Hill, as indicated with the letters “FH.”

Military Records: In addition to books dedicated specifically to records of certain wars, the New Hampshire State Papers, available in the library on CD-ROM or online, includes military records from the Revolutionary War. We have a printed copy of the index in the New Hampshire Room (just about 2,000 pages!) to help you discover which book(s) is/are right for your search.




Related online resources (the following websites are not affiliated in any way with the Derry Public Library):

Derry History Museum – Derry (and Nutfield) artifacts and information galore! Open Sundays from 1p-5p.

Forest Hill Cemetery on Find-A-Grave – Approx. 77% of the cemetery has been photographed, according to the website. Search by name.

New Hampshire Historical Society – Workshops, family records, digital resources, digital image collection featuring paintings, photographs, and artifacts.

New Hampshire Society of Genealogists – Workshops, resources from a variety of places, special publications.

New Hampshire State Library – Approx. 2,400 published family histories for New Hampshire and New England, town newspapers and reports, military indexes, and more.


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