We’ve recently endeavored to preserve several old audio recordings. You may have heard the radio show A Trip to the Moon with Alan Shepard from 1971. Now, An Evening with Robert Frost from 1956 has been completed by Everpresent and is stored on the Audio/Visual Archives page on the New Hampshire Room website.

The talk was recorded in Berkeley, California by Jeffrey Norton Publishers. It’s a recording of an evening lecture full of poetry and anecdotes from his life. He took the audience from the East to the West, from forest to farmland to cliff’s edge. He also took time to talk about the process of writing, and he connected with the audience as he reflected on farming and poetry (and poetic farmers!).

Librarian Recommendation: Indulge! Head back in time to 1956 and enjoy some words by Derry’s most beloved poet.

Now, I won’t go into my own, anymore… talk about these metaphors and things…that’s all I live by. That’s all I’m here for. –Robert Frost

Photo Courtesy of Library of Congress
Photo Courtesy of Library of Congress

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