The New Hampshire Room houses several collections of local significance.

The Derry Collection: This collection is your first stop for Derry history. It includes city directories, journals, books by local historians, scrapbooks, memoirs and more. Special items include the diaries of Rev. Jesse MacMurphy, the Chase Newell books and Pinkerton Yearbooks dating back to 1940.

The Derry Museum Collection: The New Hampshire Room is home to many exciting materials from the Derry Museum of History. This collection has a tight focus on print and photo archives that are unique to Derry–and that are often one of a kind. Items include a Forest Hill Cemetery Secretary Book from it’s founding, NH Registers, photos of old Derry, meditations on teaching from Adams Female Academy and more.

The Historical Collection: The Historical Collection includes books about New Hampshire and nearby regions. It contains many town histories, compilations of historic figures and books about historic places and destinations around the Granite State.

The Frost Collection: This collection includes historic books and memorabilia related to the acclaimed poet, Robert Frost,  who lived and wrote in Derry from 1900-1911. Click for more on the Robert Frost Farm.

The Space Exploration Collection: This collection includes books, newspaper clippings, audio recordings and coverage of the life and career of Alan Shepard–America’s first spaceman and Derry’s hometown hero.

Lateral Files: Lateral Files contain many newspaper clippings, unique pamphlets and items of local interest that were collected over the years. Some popular lateral files include Pamela Smart, Tsienetto: A Legend of Beaver Lake, George “Lefty” Tyler, Hood: H.P. Company and more.

The Derry Library is currently working on a digitization project of many of its print materials, so regularly check the Digital Archives page for updated online collections.