Do you descend from the First Settlers of Nutfield? Are you interested in some foundational texts that could help you learn about the exciting history of Derry? Are you planning to visit Derry for an ancestral tour? Whatever your interest in Nutfield, we have many books, databases, maps and more to jump start your research.

Download the research guide or click into materials below.

Best Books In-House (IH) and on Internet Archive (IA)

History of Londonderry by Edward L. Parker (Derry Coll 974.2 nhb) IH and IA

Willey’s Book of Nutfield by George F. Willey (Derry Coll 974.26his) IH and IA

History of Windham 1719-1883 by Leonard Allison Morrison (Hist Coll 974.2 mol) IH and IA

The Siege and History of Londonderry by John Hempton (Derry Museum 941.6 sie) IH and IA

New Hampshire Churches: comprising histories of the Congregational and Presbyterian churches in the state by Robert F. Lawrence IA

Vital Records of Londonderry, New Hampshire…Earliest to 1910 by Daniel Gage Annis (Derry Coll 974.26 vir) IH and IA

Early Records of Londonderry, Windham and Derry, N.H. 1719-1762 by George Waldo Browne (Derry Coll 974.26 ear v. 1) IH

Early Records of Londonderry N.H., Vol II, Proprieter’s Records by George Waldo Browne (Derry Coll 974.26 ear v. 2) IH

Houses of the Double Range and East Derry (and others) by Harriett Chase Newell (Derry Coll 917.426 ned) IH

Historical Tour: 10 Generations, June 21 1969 (Derry Coll 974.26 hit) IH

Nutfield Rambles by Richard Holmes (Derry Coll 974.26 hon) IH and IA

Derry and Derry Revisited by Richard Holmes and William Dugan (Derry Coll 974.26 duw and Derry Coll 974.26 hol) IH

Glimpses of Derry 1719-1969 (Derry Coll 974.26 glo) IH

DPL also holds manuscripts, record books, genealogies, old pamphlets and lateral files. Check the catalog at

Useful In-House Maps (Reference Map Case)

Plan #11942 [a] map of a large portion of the original town of Nutfield settled in 1719 and chartered as Londonderry in 1722 (Ref 912.742 pla)

Forest Hill Cemetery Map (Ref 912.742 foh)

Cemetery Location Map: Londonderry, NH, 2003 (Ref 912.742 cel)

Derry 1892 (Ref 912.742 dee)

Derry, New Hampshire, 1898 (Ref 912.742 deh)

Derry and Surrounding Area Street Guide (Ref 912.742 des)

Online Resources Accessible From Home (FH) or In-House (IH)

Forest Hill Cemetery Project (FH or IH)

New Hampshire State Papers (FH or IH)

NH Deeds > Rockingham > Search County Records > Accept Disclaimer Agreement > **AVA** (FH or IH)

Historical Tour (FH or IH)

Nutfield Genealogy (FH or IH)

Nutfield History (FH or IH)

AncestryLibrary and FamilySearch Affiliate Library (IH)

Physical Repositories, Museums and Sites (Inquire Ahead)


Forest Hill Cemetery-Navigate to the Taylor Library and go up the driveway between the Taylor Library and the First Parish Church

First Parish Church– 47 East Derry Road

Derry Museum of History in the Adams Memorial Building – 29 West Broadway

Derry Public Library – 64 East Broadway

Taylor Library – 49 East Derry Road


Leach Library Local History Room – 276 Mammoth Road

Morrison House Museum – 140 Pillsbury Road


Nesmith Library Local History Room – 8 Fellows Road

The Windham Museum in the Armstrong Memorial Building – 3 North Lowell Road

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, but, rather, a great place to start. Your research may lead you to many archives, churches, historical societies and repositories. If you have questions about this list or our local history collection, please reach out to